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Mirrors Vertical

Vertical mirrors from Artforma are an excellent solution for visually enlarging the space in your interior. Thanks to their vertical form, they work great in bathrooms, bedrooms, or hallways, facilitating tasks like preparing before leaving the house. Solid construction and high-quality materials ensure durability and safety when using our vertical mirrors with LED lighting. Additionally, their elegant design will become a stylish decorative element in your interior.
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Elegant vertical mirrors for your home

Are you planning a renovation and therefore looking for a perfectly matched decoration for your home? Start with decorative mirrors with additional accessories. ArtForma's offer includes many mirrors of various shapes. Especiallyvertical mirrorswith LED lighting are very popular. Let them completely change the appearance of your apartment and provide a perfect aesthetic experience for your eyes. Choose the model that best suits the style of your interior. Check what accessories you can use in a vertical mirror.

Decoration with LED lighting

LED mirrorsnot only have a practical function, but also constitute an elegant decorative element, which adds style and class to the room in which it is located. Vertical mirrors are particularly popular due to their practicality and the mirror surface that is convenient to look at and can decorate the walls in almost any room. LED lightingplaced in the mirror ensures proper lighting while performing care activities. A correctly selected vertical bathroom mirror is a perfect complement to a stylish interior. Moreover, LED lighting is both energy-saving and environmentally friendly.

LED lighting - light incidence system

When choosing aLED mirror vertical, you can use the option to select the light incidence pattern. This means that only the fragment you select will be highlighted. Lighting around the mirror gives a uniform beam of light on each side of it. This is definitely the most frequently chosen variant by our customers. Others include lighting on the sides or on selected edges, such as the top and sides. Thanks to so many ways, you can personalize the mirror for your apartment as much as possible.

Type of light in the mirror

When choosing your dream vertical mirror for your apartment, take care of the color of its illumination. You can choose a neutral color that will add just a bit of warmth and atmosphere to your room, or choose PHILIPS brand illumination if you need stronger facial illumination, which will make it easier to apply makeup. The LED color is controlled using a touch switch.

Decorative mirrors - practical shape

A vertical mirror is certainly the most classic and traditional form of a mirror, which will fit almost any room in your house or apartment. Thanks to its regular shapes, you can easily match it to other decorative furniture. Mirror decorations look best in interiors dominated by classic forms and decorations. It is characterized by a high, narrow shape that allows for optical enlargement of the space, which is especially desirable in the case of a small room.

Mirror dimensions - find the perfect solution for your interior

Our vertical mirrorsare available in various shapes and sizes, which allows them to perfectly match your interior. In the configuration panel, you can easily choose the dimensions and shape of the mirror that will best meet your expectations. We take an individual approach to each order, so you can be sure that you will receive the mirror you need. Due to the fact that the product is made to individual customer order, after placing the order you will receive information about the planned delivery date.

Vertical LED mirror from the AmbientLine collection

Mirrors in the AmbientLine collection are characterized by high level of aesthetics and decorative appearance. Their rectangular shape combined with lighting makes them appear visually larger. Diffused light in the back of the mirror is the main feature of this collection, the final effect of which is atmospheric. The light source is not directed directly at the user, which is a perfect solution for people who are looking for a more subtle and pleasant lighting atmosphere.

Vertical LED mirror from the PremiumLine collection

A proposal for mirrors from the collection PremiumLine includes a collection of vertical mirrors that will revolutionize the appearance of your bathroom. Vertical bathroom mirrorPremiumLine has been designed in such a way that the lighting falls on the person standing in front of it, thus providing ideal conditions for performing daily care treatments. Mirrors from this collection are characterized by innovative solutions that focus the light on the mirror user, ensuring maximum comfort of use.

Vertical LED mirror from the Colorful collection

Vertical mirrors from the collection of colored mirrors, these are products with an original design. Thanks to them, you will bring a modern and elegant style to your living room or office. When choosing a vertical mirror from this series, you can choose the color of the surface, which is an innovative way to decorate the interior. With various colors to choose from, you can perfectly match the style of the room and your preferences. Vertical mirrors can be hung in virtually any room, and they look most impressive in dark colors. These are design elements that will completely change the appearance of your home.

Touch switch and weather station

Our assortment includes 120 models of mirrors. Among them there are also some that you might hang in your apartment. You can freely personalizeVertical mirrorswith additional functions according to your needs. Within these functions, you can choose a touch switch, sensor switch or Smart Switch. Each of these variants has special properties that you must know. Thanks to additional functions, the mirrors will be more functional and even better suited to your needs.

Heating mat as an additional element of equipment

If you want to avoid fogging of glass surfaces in the bathroom, we have a solution for you . When choosing an oval mirror, you can equip it with a special heating mat. This mat is available in various sizes. After turning it on, the steam will quickly disappear and the image in the mirror will remain clear. The heating mat switch is easy to use and controlled by a touch switch.

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