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Bathroom cabinets

Bathroom cabinets — also called a vanity unit, or just a vanity — are usually mounted on the wall such that the door has a mirror when they are closed. Depending on what you want, you can mount it fully or partially, depending on what you love. It can be fully recessed as well.


Maximizing limited space

You don’t have to deprive yourself of our modern lighted mirrors just because you don’t have enough space in your bathroom. You can maximize space by installing any of our range of vanity units. You have enough space to store your toiletries [AE2]  because a bathroom cabinet has multiple drawers and spaces. They do not consume any floor space at all. As its name implies, it serves as a primary cabinet for your limited name.

Multiple configurations

Our line of toilet cabinets comes in different configurations. We wouldn’t say that one configuration is better than the other. We can better put that the best type of bathroom cabinet configuration is the one that aligns with your needs and suits you. An example is this vanity the sliding door configuration. There are others you open outside on a hinge. You can also choose how many doors you want. You can decide to go for one door, two doors, three doors, etc. It is also necessary to choose the opening style you want your bathroom cabinet to have. With all these in place, you get a bathroom cabinet that you will love.

Storage space

For vanity units, the functionality goes beyond the mirror. There’s also the part where you have to consider whether the cabinet you are getting can accommodate all the load you want to put inside. You also have to ensure that it is accommodated neatly and safely. A Bonus tip is that whenever you are going for a bathroom cabinet, ensure that you get a one that has a deeper space.

Go for a quality Washroom cabinet

A quality restroom cabinet should withstand the unusual conditions of a bathroom without wearing out quickly. The atmospheric condition in a toilet differs from the condition in a living room, primarily because of the moisture difference in both locations. This is the same moisture difference between the bathroom and other locations in the room.

A quality vanity unit must be moisture resistant. They must be designed with moisture-resistant materials covered with veneer on top while the mirrors will be in front. Materials to design a bathroom cabinet must also be fog-resistant, back-lit, and stainless steel. Moisture-resistant materials help your modern lighted mirror from getting any potential damage caused by water. Other features like fog resistance help give your phone the best lighting and make your illuminated mirrors clear at all times, while lighting offers you good lighting for grooming.

At Artforma, we provide you with the best quality bathroom cabinet. Our bathroom cabinets are moisture and fog-resistant. We have different styles and sizes: you can access them on our websites. We are always available to provide you with the best quality mirror. Connect with us today!


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